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Information on Perez Family Members
  • Pedro Perez a.k.a. The Christmas Tree Burglar Accepts Plea, June 1928
  • Interesting Fact: The family name PEREZ was ranked #42 in the distribution sample of the United States Census for 1990 prepared by the U. S. Census Bureau.

    Subscription Data with Perez Family Members
  • Brownsville High School 1928 Commencement
  • California State Prison 1855 Report
  • Criminal Mugshots and Wanted Posters
  • 1926 Eligible List for Patrolman in New York City
  • Franklin and Marshall Academy 1912-1913 Catalogue
  • H. M. King High 1935 Commencement
  • Medico-Chirurgical College 1889 Commencement
  • The Metropolitan, Volume XXI, No. 8
  • Nevada Inspector of Mines 1929-1930 Report
  • New Mexico 1913 Mining Accidents
  • New York Societe Culinaire Philanthropique 1905 Ball Program
  • RMSP Orbita 1922 Souvenir Passenger List (Hamburg to NY)
  • South Jersey Institute 1876-77 Catalogue
  • Southern College of Pharmacy 1914
  • St. John's College 1880-81 Catalogue
  • St. John's College 1883-84 Catalogue
  • Stephen Jackson W. R. C. No. 124 Roster
  • United States Military Academy 1971 Milestones
  • University of Michigan 1924 Commencement
  • Free Resources with Perez Family Members
  • DeKalb County Death Records (Illinois)
  • DeKalb County Marriage Records (Illinois)
  • Kankakee County Death Records (Illinois)
  • Kankakee County Marriage Records (Illinois)
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