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Interesting Fact: The family name PARENT was ranked #2868 in the distribution sample of the United States Census for 1990 prepared by the U. S. Census Bureau.

Subscription Data with Parent Family Members
  • Aglaia 1923 Yearbook
  • The Artilleryman
  • Atlanta Fine Arts Club 1922-1923 Program
  • Bangor Free Baptist Church 1923 Directory
  • Borough of Chatham (NJ) 1912 Directory
  • Brown and Sharpe Mfg. Co. World War I Memorial
  • Burials in Europe of WWI Soldiers from N. H.
  • Canadian Civil Service List for 1887
  • Canadian Civil Service List for 1898
  • Dayton First Presbyterian Church 1930 Directory
  • Dayton First Presbyterian Church 1933 Directory
  • Dominion Government Employes 1872 Return
  • Dudley Street Baptist Church 1894 Directory
  • Laconia N. H. 1911 Telephone Directory
  • Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen's Magazine 1913 April
  • Lodi, Ohio 1902 Directory
  • Lu Lu Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. 1923 Assembly
  • Maine State Bar Association 1926 Member List
  • Merchants Despatch Transportation Co. 1911 Pay Roll
  • Merrimack County Commissioners 1928 Report
  • Monmouth County Courts, 1886 List of Causes, May Term
  • Monmouth County Courts, 1889 List of Causes, January Term
  • Montgomery and St. Bernard R. A. M. 1923 By-Laws
  • The Quebec Garrison Club 1925
  • The Relief Signal, Number 42, March 1918
  • Sioux Falls 1916 Telephone Directory
  • Society of California Pioneers 1912 List of Members
  • Taunton Assessors' 1928 Street List of Men, Ward 1, Prec. C
  • Taunton Assessors' 1928 Street List of Women, Ward 1, Prec. C
  • U. S. Army 1863 Invalid Corps Transfers, September 12th
  • Valley of Indianapolis A. A. S. R. 1914 Roster
  • Free Resources with Parent Family Members
  • Kankakee County Death Records (Illinois)
  • Kankakee County Marriage Records (Illinois)
  • Maine Marriages Index (1890-1899)
  • Message Board Posts for Parent Family
  • Searching for LAURENT LEON PARENT
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