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Interesting Fact: The family name PERDUE was ranked #1758 in the distribution sample of the United States Census for 1990 prepared by the U. S. Census Bureau.

Subscription Data with Perdue Family Members
  • Alabama Treasurer 1893 Annual Report
  • Alabama's White Regiments during the Spanish-American War
  • American Expeditionary Forces 1919 Roster, Dax District
  • The Artilleryman
  • Atlanta University 1882-83 Catalogue
  • Bradenton Tourist Club 1927-28 Year Book
  • Chico State Normal School 1906 Commencement
  • Cleveland Chamber of Commerce 1898 Annual
  • Cleveland Union Club 1896 By-Laws
  • Columbus High Schools 1922 Commencement
  • Delaware Registered Vehicles September 1924
  • Directory of Scovill Ave Methodist Episcopal Ch Members
  • The Exponent, Vol. III, No. 2, May, 1907
  • George School 1918 Catalogue
  • History of Southwest Virginia and Washington County
  • History of the American Legion, 1919-1924 Virginia
  • Indiana Fruit Growers 1906-1907
  • Jacksonville Chapter O. E. S. 1928 Roster
  • Kentucky Negro Education Assoc. 1926 Proceedings
  • Navy Mutual Aid Assoc. 1923 Report
  • North Carolina Univ. 1925-26 Catalogue
  • Oak Cliff Lodge No. 705, 1925-26 Roster
  • The Order of the Coif 1939 Directory
  • Peel 1873-4 Directory
  • The Railway Conductor, Vol. XXXVI, No. Five
  • The Railway Conductor, Vol. XXXVI, No. Two
  • Seachlight, Vol. IX, No. III
  • Seachlight, Vol. XI, No. III
  • Southern California University 1922 Commencement
  • Transactions of the Kansas Horticultural Society, Vol. XXI
  • Transactions of the Kansas Horticultural Society, Vol. XXII
  • West Virginia Casualties in the War With Germany
  • Western Reserve Historical Society 1919 Report
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  • Park View Cemetery, New Plymouth, Payette County, Idaho
  • Pearl Harbor Casualties 1941
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