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Interesting Fact: The family name PENLAND was ranked #7252 in the distribution sample of the United States Census for 1990 prepared by the U. S. Census Bureau.

Subscription Data with Penland Family Members
  • Albany College 1901-02 Catalogue
  • The Artilleryman
  • Asheville Farm School 1916-1917 Catalogue
  • Claflin University 1922-23 Catalogue
  • Dialectic Society 1841 Members
  • Tennessee Bar Association 1914 Proceedings
  • Texas Bar Association 1917 Proceedings
  • Texas Grand Lodge 1876 Proceedings
  • Union Theological Seminary N.Y.C. 1859-60 Catalogue
  • Union Theological Seminary N.Y.C. 1860-61 Catalogue
  • Union Theological Seminary N.Y.C. 1861-62 Catalogue
  • Univ. of Wyoming 1917 Catalogue
  • Univ. of Wyoming 1921 Catalogue
  • Valley of Galveston A. A. S. R. 1913 Reunion
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